Anebulo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a publicly traded company, has announced a “solution for THC intoxication” that may hit pharmacies in 2025. The team, including Dr. Kenneth Cundy, Ph.D. Dr. Joseph Lawler MD, states that this is no actual “targeted treatment for THC overdoses.”

“ANEB’s lead and only drug candidate is ANEB-001, an oral CB1 (cannabinoid binding receptor 1) antagonist. CB1 receptors are primarily involved in the central effects of
cannabinoids, which include cognition, emotion, movement, sensory perception, and psychoactive effects,” wrote a company representative.

They write:

Acute Cannabinoid Intoxication affects adults, specifically habitual users who continually increase their dose, teens (commonly first-time users), and accidental users (pets and children.) Abebulo’s aim is to secure FDA authorization and have ANEB-001 available to all hospital emergency rooms nationwide by 2025. There are currently no other pharma companies providing treatment for ACI, and Anebulo believes ANEB-001 will be the first to market to provide this treatment.

The claim that THC causes “altered mental status, depression, seizures, acute psychosis, and abnormal vital signs,” while accurate, is a bit alarmist but it looks like this medicine will be used as an antagonist against THC and could give parents peace of mind if their kids get into the edibles. That said, there is no real evidence for THC overdoses and WebMD notes “A fatal marijuana overdose is unlikely, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But marijuana can have other harmful effects, particularly at high doses.”

Photo by Shelby Ireland on Unsplash

By John Biggs

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