An Etsy seller called GenderlessBySkaly has released a line of surprisingly nice genderless jewelry including a cute necklace featuring what looks like Amanita muscaria, the typical fly agaric mushroom.

The store also features other naturalistic designs including feathers and crystals. GendelessBySkaly describes the piece:

Hey human behind a screen! This is a silver coloured mushroom / fungi pendant with a multicoloured necklace, white gemstone beads and blue circle beads. Do you love mushrooms? Do you love gemstones? Do you love green, purple and blue? If the answers are yes – then this one’s made for you! Made to be not too feminine or masculine so it’s suitable for people of any and all genders! 

It’s one of a kind, only one made with this necklace design.

Check out their store here!

By Molly Cowell

Molly is a freelance writer who lives in Hamburg, Germany.

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