In a recent Q&A session, UFC superstar Israel Adesanya suggested he is willing to try the powerful psychedelic drug Ayahuasca. Adesanya has previously admitted to using magic mushrooms prior to his UFC win over Paulo Costa in 2020 and has been open about his intrigue for kaleidoscopic drugs in public interviews. He has yet to experience the substance but is open to trying it in the future.

He told the story of his experience on the Hotboxin’ Podcast:

“So we’re quarantined, right? We’re quarantined in the gym because we were in lockdown. So me and my team, we locked up in the gym and we were living in the gym for that whole camp. One day, it was a Sunday, we did our spider session – this was the hardest workout of the week, it simulates the fight.

“After that, me [my companions] decide, ‘Let’s go on a bike ride.’ And then we just did some mushrooms and it was one of the best f****ng days ever.”

By Kenny Hofmann

Kenny is a staff writer and avid psychedelics explorer.

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